High-Grade & Technology Leader
In Canada’s Silver-Cobalt Heartland

Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc.

Canada Silver Cobalt Works, a unique and rapidly growing silver-cobalt focused company, is an exploration, development, technology, and environment leader in the prolific Northern Ontario Silver-Cobalt District.

Setting The Pace In A New Silver Bull Market!

Vertically integrated Canada Silver Cobalt has quickly taken the exceptionally high-grade Robinson Zone silver discovery to a maiden inferred resource. Zones 1A and 1B have an average silver grade of 8,582 g/t (250.2 oz/ton) in a combined 27,400 tonnes of material for a total of 7,560,200 Inferred ounces.

Metals News

Silver’s Clean Energy Future

Our view is that the “green revolution” will be highly positive for silver: Sprott’s Maria Smirnova

Silver may be the next battery metal

Samsung Reveals Solid-State EV Battery with 500-Mile Range. The pouch that the team created would give an EV a range of about 500 miles and have a lifecycle of more than 1000 recharges. That’s a vehicle with a battery that lasts 500,000 miles.

The surprising ‘driver’ of future silver demand

While silver is favored due to more photovoltaics and an uptrend in precious metals in light of currency worries, the Silver Institute said the electric vehicle sector is also going to need more Ag.

Simon Moores of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Testimony to US. Senate Committe June 24, 2020

When was the last time the USA built a heavy industry from scratch?